Greg's Skill Set

30 Years Technology Experiance


Currently learning (self taught) PHP, Java Script, Java, Python UNIX Shell alsoMobil Application Developement using Android SDK Also Machine Coding using C/C++ processing for Qualcom Snapdragon and ARM Cortex Intel, Motorola. andHP PA Risc assembly code (coded implimentation of hardware).


As stated befor, code debugging of 3 different hardware architectures, INTEL, MOTOROLA and HP PARISC based systems using Logic Analyzers and Processor hardware Emulators. Utilize address maps ,initilizing and diagnostic code for hardware design troubleshooting. Knowlwede of timing and state analysis of hardware design.


UNIX KShell and UNIX SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION with UNIX SHELL programming is what I use on the job, All Windows OS's is what I use at home and on the job, However, operating systems are written for different hardware architechures chip sets and digitally controlled systems. And understanding the software implimentation of hardware systems is what I am capable of doing (with the right equipment) (logic analyzers, processor emulators) for reverse engineering of any computer system.

NETWORKS and ERP systems

General NETWORKING and NOVELL at Labratory Corp of America, and Microsoft Active Directory At Allenbach Industries I Administrated the Manage M2K ERP/EDI system


I learned and used LOGIC ANALYZERS Digital OSCILLOSCOPES, TRANSMISSION LINE impairment testers, SPECTRUM ANALYZERS, H.P. SMT Automated testing Stations (of which are controlled through remote programing and control.) All instruments are controlled via HPIB interface from a PC or simular controller.



I've used the entire Microsoft Office Suite MicroSoft's 365, Open Source Office suite like Apache Open Office. Andriod based Mobil phone and Tablet office products like, Mobi Systems Office Suite and Infraware's Polaris Office. for creating reports, graphs, and databases.


Gregs Artistic side uses graghics and 3d design software like 3D STUDIO MAX, CORELDRAW FRACTAL DESIGN's PAINTER and Music Pruduction Software like FL Studio's Fruity Loops (Music Prouction) and Anvil Studio.