weed type Black Gorilla, Red Dragon, Ghost train Haze, Super Silver Haze and Gorilla Glue#4, OG Bubbah Kush does nothing to give a hint of what it's good for except for the recreational group of folks. People who accually need a cure for a synmtom also need to have a clue of what can help them in the NAME of the pot. For instance, a person that has axiety issues needs to be able to go into a madical marijuana shop and look in the display with all the different types and find a section that covers the symtom. A person who really needs help does'nt need to see the medication called "purple train wreck", even the "bud tender" shows the weed or weeds that address that issue.

Now listen to this, the local city council are the ones who legislate putting the MMJ licenceing in a city where it pertains to zoning away from schools, churches and indoor/outdoor shopping malls.

If they are baby boomers they already know some "old school" names of weed. Some of them still smoke and are a large part of the medical marijuana people. Then there are those who stopped smoking a long time ago sighting it did'nt do them any good and accually consider weed harmful. Then there are the ones who never smoked at all.

The last two groups are the legislaters who decide whether to let a Dispencery open up in there neiborhood or city or not. Of course places in Humbolt County have no problem with the Shops as they are former smokers anyway (I suppose). But for conservitive places and city legislaters they will indeed be hard core about ever opening dispenceries in their city, just because of the NAMES of the weed as in the bebinning of the artical. Imagine asking Mom and dad Brady Bunch to vote on a Shop in their neiborhood.